Return from Retreat..... the sequel

I thought I would share my Retreat purchases.
 It is an interesting phenomenon to have a store right next to where you are sewing.
I did not need the store, I brought tons from home. None of this I would normally go to the shop to purchase unless I needed it. Plus, I have been on a strict fabric diet since the Christmas binge. Ahem. Above is the montage of what I got.
 Below is our name tags, seriously how cute are they.
 I am telling you there was not a detail left out.

So remember this picture of my sister in her pizzeria get up-previous post?
She was selling sealed pizza boxes of fabric and what-nots.
She had them stacked on a rolling cart for Pete's sake.
Being the sucker I am a for a grab bag and knowing that the contents of each box exceeded the price. I bought one.
Many of us did.
Many of us succumbed!
There was a point when the other girls exclaimed warnings about said sister,
 "Do not look in her eyes"

Above is the contents of my pizza box, however, not the original one i purchased.
I scored this bunch through a shrewd trade with another quilter who envied my score of a civil war jelly roll and coordinating pieces. I am going to turn this bunch into kitchen towels and may hap be the envy of the neighborhood.

This lovely little bit of randomness I just couldn't resist, besides it was a frenzy when the shop declared a 20% off sale from 3:00-3:30.
 The bandwagon was loaded baby and I got on.

The Dr. was also in the house and I was really excited because I really really wanted this when it first came out but missed the boat and at 20% off.... Oh the glee.

There was all this cuteness sitting around the place
made from the patterns they were selling. I just could not
resist the tea cozy and the hot pad.
 It was a hoot I tell ya.

And last but not least this little tip.

 Upon arrival we each received a goodie bag filled with lovely little necessities like shampoo, conditioner, lotion, nail files, chocolate etcetera. Plus these little toe separators. Then
my sister (the one in the chef hat :) gave out tips periodically at our meals.
One was to use these little separators for bobbin thread.
 I love it.
 It it quick, cheap and easy...Perfect

I am hoping that for tomorrow's episode I will be showing what I actually accomplished,
since I cannot show the belly laughs - there was many-
and the enduring conversations- so great-
I will stick to the few things I actually produced-ish.


Ooooo...those fabrics look so great! The colors, the textures....I'm so wishing winter was longer and colder as I think our spare room just may become my quilting room...Know of a good place to fix a Husqvarna sewing machine that's been known to succumb to spontaneous combustion?

I mean, I know my HUSBAND is a volunteer firefighter, but still...