Where does your Barbie sleep?

This has been the brownest winter that I can remember. I am of the school of thought that if it is cold then there may as well be snow. At least it is prettier then the brown. Every creature is confused. Animals that should be sleeping are awakening to find that indeed it is  not spring only warm one day and frigid the next. Shrubs and trees not yet due to bud will start their spring training only to be frozen the next. In Minnesota you just expect snow. Ahem.

I wanted to share somethings I made for Christmas. Yes, I am aware that was almost two months ago. I am slow, we all know that. My niece Ella loves her barbies. So I created a carring case for her to drag them from place to place, as little ones are apt to do. Plus, they have their own bed it is like a Murphy bed and a portable closet all in one. Above the yellow rickrack are about 6 pockets made from vinyl as is the zipper pocket below the rickrack.

I sewed on the sleeping compartments and the pillows pretty snug so their inhabitants wouldn't fall out.

It all folds up and can be toted from place to place.

I did not have a pattern for this nor have I seen anything similar so I was pretty excited when I came up with it!! What do you think? My sister says I should create a pattern but I am on the fence on that.


I think this is awesome and would love to make one for our niece!! Plus...You could do a boy version with racecars (compartment for cars, a little fold out track), or books or activities...the possibilities are endless! I think (hmmm...I think alot!) you should Etsy the shiz out of this!!!!
GardenofDaisies said…
I know a lot of little girls who would love something like this. You could do a tutorial if you don't want to mess with making a pattern and selling it.
lily said…
What a fantastic idea, it's a lovely novel way for a little girl to carry her dollies with her.
How cute is that...