You know that scene in the Chronicles of Narnia when Lucy walks into the snow laden woods, that is what this morning is like. Keep in mind yesterday all of nature was sporting her best winter russets, chestnut and chocolate colors. Not today, she is ready for the red carpet in the most glorious winter white.

Last night the tree outside our house was covered in ice, as of 10 o'clock pm it was still raining. This morning the world was transformed.  

At 7 am school was a mere two hours late, a half an hour later all the schools around us were closed.

There was a bit of early morning celebrating and pancake making.

It is still going, still snowing, I for one love it. I know it will be gone soon but these and rainy days are my favorite! How is it where you are?


Dang! We just got about 4 inches of nasty ugly slush which resulted in a ridiculous number of fallen tree branches in our yard. Bums.

Super psyched for your snow day, though! Pancakes and winter wonderland. What a great way to spend a Wednesday Leap Day!
we are swimming in snow 30 inches in the last 3 more!
Kathryn said…
Growing up in Michigan I used to looove snow days! It looks beautiful where you are, it makes me miss snow! It is sunny and in the mid-60s here in SoCall.

Enjoy the day off! :)
pam said…
Beautiful snow images! Looks like snow hit us both at the same time - except that you did receive much more than we did!

thank you for popping by recently and introducing yourself! Your blog is quite lovely and i have added it to my reader. Looking forward to spring!!!