Mia Quilt

This began as a banner but begged me to make it a quilt.
The pattern can be found Here,
I used it as a guide because I am not a good listener.
If your mind wanders you may say, as my silly nieces did, why did you sew a bikini quilt.
 Its a banner not a bikini but whatever suits your fancy!
I did the whole thing on my little machine including the quilting which always makes me happy.
I made it in a night and part of a morning and bound it in an hour.
It was a whirlwind. A hurricane of sewing if you will.
Regardless it was hard to give up.
But it was for Miss Mia my great niece daughter of my niece who also owns this. and these.
I think a quilt like this earns me my title of Great Aunt. Cuz I am.


Nicole said…
Bikini quilt? How cute! What a lucky girl little Miss Mia is! That is a darling quilt and done so quickly. Congrats on a great finish.
Awesome!!! We used this quilt in her last session...! :-D