I have kept a journal since I young when I wrote things like Chuckie said hi to me in math class today. Except I am sure it was more like, Oh my gosh like Chuckie totally said like hi to me in math class and I almost died.
You know an important chronicle of what mattered. I also have a recollection of reading my best friend's older sisters diary, in which, (I kid you not) each page started with....
Dear Diary,
      Well, nothing really interesting happened today.

Sometimes it would say nothing else.

       Every day she wrote that. We may have had some fun with that. (sorry Lori).

Many years ago I took my journal to a new level, inspired by altered art and my love of keeping a journal, I bought a blank sketch book and began to alter the pages. I posted about this a few years ago here if you want to see what they look like after an attack of a pen (another things I am really fond of...great pens).  

A few years ago I altered one for my niece to use. (Do you use it?)

I didn't take pics of that one.

Since my sewing machine has been at the doctor I decided to make one for Lilli who is in her second year of college.

These are some of the pages that I did. This one is painted with water color.

A lot of what I used is from my stash of stuff, some is from the K&S Smash line. Many are printables that I have accumulated over at Pinterest.

I love to journal...when I do it....but am not a daily writer. Sometimes not even weekly or monthly. Like most things it ebbs and flows. Inspiration strikes and then time just flies.

In my own journal I only do a few pages at a time. That way if I want to doodle or draw on a lovely white slate it is available.

One thing I have in every Journal and my planner (that I created and will post later as I am only two months in) is a tabbed page for words. Words I like, words I want to incorporate into my vocab or words I want to better understand. I just jot them down and look them up later.

I love love dots!!

This is Lilli's favorite page.
Do you journal?


I love your journal, your pages are packed with inspiration...Happy Valentines Day!
Too funny--I was just thinking about posting about my journal!!! I use it as my 'travel journal' and keep a roll of tape with it: I include travel stubs, receipts, postcards,'s amazing. Plus, it gives me something fun to read on the plane when I'm on my next adventure--love it!!! :-D

On that note...will be needing another one soon...! ;-D I think I feel a journaling weekend coming on.....!!