I love Weekends

Two years ago I posted about these 70's Hexagons, mentioned them in last Fridays post, and started the process of un-assembling them and re-assembling them. They were started by my mother-in-law many many many years ago. She had all the blocks together, all sewn by hand and done very nicely. I was just going to add the white and put them together. However, I found that I could not make them fit nicely without her original measurements. Although, she did a great job they were pieced with a simple (eyeballed?) quarter inch seam. I find the exactness of English Paper Piecing to work better.

So I took them apart and have been slooooooowly putting them back together on a 1 inch hexagon cut from card stock. I love the (below) pattern with the little birds, trains, spools and such. I decided to set a goal of finishing one block a weekend. I still have stacks of them that need their card stock template, but I do them as I go


. This weekend I accomplished the creation of the above block, the start of the one below and the making of the many hexies above. I plan to do the whole of it by hand and have allowed for as long as it takes!

I love the deep blue of this flower and plan to pair it with the hexies above with the little prints on them. I wanted to show you the back. You can see the long stitches that hold it on the card stock but my favorite is the little tiny stitches that can be obtained using English Paper Piecing.

See how tiny they are. I am using a spool of thread that belonged to my mother, she hasn't sewn hardly a stitch in my lifetime so this could very well be from the late 60's. It is Molnlycke thread that is very strong. I did some research on it and as best as I can tell it is not made anymore.

We also made these cookies using this recipe. They were so yummy. The boys said this was the best frosting I have ever made.

They are supposed to mimic the Lofthouse Cookies, you know the ones I would marry if they proposed, the ones I hide from share with my family.

And finally, What stains your teeth more .... Coffee or Grape Soda?

It is once again Science Fair  season in our house. Let the experiments begin.


I like the cookie blog!! :-) I can't believe how intricate and time-consuming the hexies are...makes the final product all that much more awesome. Good luck!
GardenofDaisies said…
You are amazing! I am not patient enough for hexies.
I love the hexagons. A few years before I had kids, I started a hexagon quilt. I never finished it, but I still love the look of the pieces together and the slow process of all the steps. It's really fun to see this project the first time I visit your blog.

Please don't tell me that coffee stains teeth more than soda. I don't want to know.