Feeling Stitchy and other Wonders

On the weekends we watch a lot of movies. My fingers get a little itchy just sitting there watching, sometimes I work on these hexies, which will take years at this rate.

Oops I digress, I have a basket by the couch filled with discarded and broken linens, yet even with their stains and holes I still find them charming and difficult to part with. They have history and therefore, must still maintain usefulness in some regard. So I stitch. I love- love how this one turned out. Plus, I love the even repetition of a simple back stitch. The pattern is a free download from Lark & Lola. She has three of them together- a super sweet chandelier, macaroon cookies and the silhouette. I hope to do the chandelier next.

On another note.... I was inspired by one of my favorite blogs, The Polka Dot Petticoat and her milk glass collection. She had the greatest kitchen ever! Its a... you show me yours, I will show you mine kinda day. Side note, the little blue jars are painted clear glass. I just spray painted them last summer or the summer before. Either or.

I fell in love with Milk Glass about 15 years ago when I went to my first auction. Caught up in the bidding I raised my paddle for a box of misc. glass things. I couldn't stop myself. It was like a mystery grab bag. I had to know what was in it. I spent a whole $5. Low and behold it held some pieces that are still a mystery and about 6 pieces of milk glass. I was really excited, I had never given the stuff a second look before that day. But we clicked. Plus, I outbid an older women and her dog and got to thrust my paddle in the air 3 times. I won. Whoot.
The picture below sports a few of the pieces that I scored.
(not the sweet lion, he is just eye candy)

As for the luncheon plates and cups above, well those were my birthday present from my sister. You may remember them featured here. My sister found them at a thrift store for 50 cents each. We were looking for luncheon plates for my super awesome niece's shower.
She got gifts and a rad tea cup, I got a toothache (thats another story) and these rad luncheon plates.
The shower and my birthday were on the same day.


Oh snap, holy cow look at all of your milk glass!!!
Love the milk glass! The stitching is so cute, too...You should have a craft studio/greenhouse. That is where I picture you when I read these posts. Love it!!
wendy said…
HI THERE. Was nice of you to stop by my blog.
That is very cool that your mom went down the Grand Canyon on a donkey. I wouldn't mind doing that myself.

My sister is like you in that she gets "itchy fingers" too. She does lots of crocheting...and she even knows how to TAT , which is a lost art these days. I have some beautiful doilies that she tatted for me......and she tatted a whole round table cloth for my mom. What a treasure. Took her a long time.