Color Keeper

Continuing with things made.
 This one is not original aside from not having a pattern.
This is my interpretation of the classic crayon case.

As you can plainly see - C is for Cloe,
another great niece.

Oh you need a place to stash stuff on the problem.

I had a lot of fun using vinyl, as in the pencil pocket, in these cases and zippers from my vintage zipper collection.
If you could see the pencils better they have that great triangular shape, perfect for little hands.

In the end I included a couple of drawing and stencil pads. (Not pictured)
I also used flannel to make is super soft and comfortable to carry.
This really was quick to make.
 I actually have four others cut out but alas my machine is in the shop.


Hope you get your machine fixed soon--my computer is 'in the shop', to be without the main tool!!! :-) Love the cute!
GardenofDaisies said…
This is so cute! Every kid in the neighborhood will want one!