A Few of my Favorite Things

Bet you didn't know I had a few favorite things. That is because I have never blogged of them before and because they are not things but people. Or maybe I have and I don't remember- that is possible. Well here it goes so hang on.

This girl, I can say that here because she is my only relation who reads this and because, well, look at her. She does stuff like this-fun stuff-draw mustaches on our finger kinda fun-not to mention she ooozes talent and creativity, as a bonus she loves to eat and .......sometimes keeps me up all night- I mean all night. Yup that is a true story and that is all I will say on that.  

And this girl- another niece- love doing craft shows with her, not just the show, because that was a bust, but the day was full of giggles and chat. She self- taught herself to crochet and within a month was a crocheting mad women.

This was our table all set up with our wares. Hers and Mine, Mine and Hers. Notice the really cute pumpkin hat at the right- all her.

This little bunch was mine. In the blue basket are I Spy Bags- Owl, elephant, flower and birds, on the table were the pumpkin and leaf coasters and framed bulletin boards covered in nummy fabrics, I also had covered night lights and the trick-or-treat bags.

These are some of the trick-or-treat bags, I thought they were a great idea- reusable-cute-lined-washable- but alas no takers.

Maybe I will stick them in my barren Etsy shop- I gotta go now and eat this.....

Apple pizza- sorry Tricia- one more thing we never got to....

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I tried to comment 3 times last night I hope this one sticks.....I loved your trick or treat bags.
and that pizza yum!
Hahahahaha....what a sweet photo. Again, about launched coffee on the screen. Not...expecting that one. Touche. Good times had by all, that's for certain.

Oh--Beans is totally pumped about his trick-or-treat bag. Sister showed it to him and he looks at her, 'Treats in there?'

So cute.