Welcome Home

It has been a month, a whole long month since I sent my beloved laptop to the spa,  a lovely little journey all the way to Texas to see a specialist to repair some of its ailments. He is back and all shiny and refreshed and ready to work again. It had been ailing since spring and on a gradual decline in health.
 Welcome Home.
In the mean time I filled my camera card and had no where to go with them. So today, after I nearly hugged and kissed the UPS driver who delivered my laptop back to me safely, I uploaded all a gazillion or so photos back onto this little baby and subsequently got busy deleting editing said gazillion pictures.

I did a few things this summer.

Sometime in June my amazing niece took my boys on the vacation of their lifetime, leaving me home to fend for myself. It is a weird thing when the house empties of the children who reside there. A quiet enters every room and you find yourself a bit lost. That lasted a nano-second. I in turn took apart their rooms and organized and cleaned like crazy.


The first room I did belongs to my eldest son, my reader, my peacemaker and my conflict flee-r. This little shelf has had many roles and for the last few years sat solemnly in his bedroom holding miscellaneous junk. I gave it a new covering with pages of a book that had lost its own cover and was headed for the bin. I also printed a few things off to add additional interest such as the Dracula book cover and pages from my all time favorite book, Runny Babbit.

A little modge podge and a little paint and we have a transformed shelf that now sits beside another project for his room:

Found this desk at a garage sale for about $3, the maps were from
National Geographic   mags, all it took was a little modge podge and new wood knobs painted white.

His walls were white and not having time or money for new paint I used tape to measure off squares and rectangles in various places. I had blue, brown and chalkboard paint that I used to paint random squares.

The chalkboard squares have become a really popular doodle spot where he can doodle on his wall without repercussions. I also painted with chalkboard paint a strip of wall just inside his door where he can doodle to his hearts content.

Then I needed some art.
He had the above mirror he bought at a garage sale for a quarter (love this kid) and I sprayed it in celery along with the frame, also a quarter. Since he is such a reader his art is all about that. The pictures I printed off and framed.

The frames, again, are from the thrift, and the top one sports more of the book I used for the shelf. The quote is by Cicero, "A room without books is like a body without a soul."

He was very happy and surprisingly his room stays a lot cleaner. Bonus.


GardenofDaisies said…
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your map desk!!!!!