Rare Occurance

I buy large spools of thread and it seems that when it actually runs out there should be some celebration. Look at me I emptied the spool. Perhaps there should be a pile of finished products to show for them, yet all I seem to have is an empty spool. Hmmm

This month my eldest turned 19 (wow) and the next day headed back to college. We spent the day shopping with my mother getting her 'school supplies'. The latter changes drastically from the crayons and markers of days gone by. Our list included things like a large rug, a lamp, shoe rack and a mattress cover (to name a few of the necessities for being a roommate in a house as a sophomore). I don't think we bought one pencil???

Aside from the shopping I wanted her to have a gift to open so I made her the framed fabric covered cork board, matching push pins, a nightlight and the slipps to keep her feet warm when she is up late studying.

I did not have a gift bag in the house so I whipped up this one. For a bit of whimsy I used zippers for the handles. I love these zippers- they are all metal. I have a bunch of them in a myriad of colors. I am thinking of opening a shop and will put some of these buties for sale.

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Love the slippers and her bag....with the zipper handles!!
Kathryn said…
Cute idea with the zipper straps! :)

I love that feeling when I run out of thread, it feels like such an accomplishment!