Path of Least Resistance

Can you see what is wrong with this picture? Okay not the picture but what is being sewn? Look at the seams...

Yup, that is not right sides together. I had over half of this LONG section sewn when I realized what I had done. I slowly and begrudgingly picked up my trusty seam ripper when I thought- wait- I have not attached where I joined the long blue strip. Why not just rip out 2.5 inches instead of 50 inches. YES YES.

So I did and turned the seam around (this can only work when your fabric is a solid like this Kona Cotton or a homespun) and sewed it the other way.

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CitricSugar said…
Well, the top is beautiful, the back is lovely and I wish you all the best with quilting it! I still have one waiting for me to finish quilting... The UFOs never cease. :-)