Caution....Airing dirty laundry....

Or should the title read: Confessions from a Clogged Sewer...When Craft meets ADD...Starting is the antithesis of Completing. Okay enough you get the idea.

This is a good sign, is it not? Of some progress, somewhere. My spool is almost empty, there must be completed projects out there.

After writing this post, and reading this one, I started to clean out my sewing space. It tends to attract clutter of all types- it is very non-discriminate. It took me a whole day and part of another to get it to a workable place. It still needs work. True.

One thing I managed to do was round up a myriad of unfinished projects. YIKES. The above pile sports a quilt that needs a binding, a collection of Aunt Grace's fabric that I was going to make a bag with and now the urge is gone. In the first bucket is fabric that I started collecting 8 years sometime ago for a quilt for our bed. The bottom one is also the fabric for another quilt. Sheesh and that is just the first pile.

This (above) was a quilt for a baby (now 5) but I wasn't crazy about it and here it sits.

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And this pile...oh my... On the tippy top is this quilt and happily the backing came to my doorstep yesterday. Then there is another fall quilt top, 2 more quilts- started but stopped. What is my deal? Under those are some fix-it type things, a table runner, and a few odds and ends. Feeling embarrassed.

The package containing my backing.. hopefully...

I won't even talk about the ideas in my head or mention the things I want to make from the above collection. No. I. Won't. Start.

I think I will just go have one of these... Recipe on post down below...They are delish and I feel tired now.


Your house sounds like mine....lets go on vacation!
kristin said…
oh Natasha!! you and me both seem to have the same problem!! nothing rings truer than the "made for a 5" i have countless of those and i think sometimes you just have to it? or dump it. (or maybe trade it?)