All I wanted was a bike tire....

On a recent trip to our local hardware store, with the innocent intentions of purchasing some new white wall tires for my lovely vintage Schwinn bicycle, I ended up without said tires but with what is pictured below.

Wholly Cow, you are thinking that is a mass of fabric. Tis true, three bolts to be exact. Three of a zillion the proprietor of the hardware store had in her car. They are to become....slowly mind you... Dresses for Little Girls, a cause for the children of Africa. There is also Britches for Boys being made out of old t-shirts. Someone had donated bolts and bolts of fabric that was in their basement and that was unfortunately flooded. All of the fabric had to be washed. I used vinegar and baking soda to try to remove the odor. There is only a mild amount in the blue fabric which I am going to cut and hang on the line- let the sun do the work.
Nevertheless, I did not get a tire, they didn't have any....ahem... Who has time to ride bike when there is all this fabric to contend with.

I have started to putter away at this gem again. I blogged about it here way back in the beginning of my blogging adventures. Yikes that means I have been at this for coming on five years. That makes me laugh as I see how many blogs have changed and progressed. I remain, slow and reticent to commit to a regular scheme. Oh well.

This is pretty much how I received these pieces and I have not gotten very far. I am trying to move forward on my many UFO's, like this pictured here and this one that I put boarders on this morning only to discover that I do not have enough of anything sufficient to back it with. I was hoping to finish it today. As I was searching through old posts to find the link I see this one also needs a binding. And then there is this...started and living in the great below (my basement sewing room).

As I think about all this I remember one that I have not even photographed that is a started but sitting in a drawer. Again, Yikes. I am thinking I should just add a category of started projects so that when I need a fix I can just look at all the stuff that I have not finished.

I can't tell you how happy this fabric makes me. Reminds me of Jacks and Marbles. I love the colors and am thinking of a grey binding. Okay I should think to get it together before I contemplate binding. Right.

In July I will be teaching a class here on these sweet little girls. I am pretty excited about it.


I love your new quilt that your working on....I had to start a new blog.....long sad story!
formerly bord and butik.I hope your summer is going great.
FuNkY MoMmY said…
Thanks for the love! I love yummy fabric too! Your sewing skills are awesome....loved looking at the projects you have made. Love those baby janes and the I spys. Have a great weekend!
How sweet of you to make clothes for African children. I love your quilt, that is one thing I have never done. I was looking at your cute little baby shoes, how sweet!