Baby Janes

These may be the smallest things I have ever made.They are Mary Jane's with a tiny snap on the side.  My machine was quite confused by the tiny-ness of the project and I swear if it could have looked at me it would have had a quizzical, you really want me to do this look.

These fit a newborn's foot or a dolls. They are for my great niece who is in Children's Hospital right now fighting RSV. Prayers would be appreciated.

I gifted them to her in this sweet little box that was almost too cute to give away. I did anyway.
This was another great pattern from I Think Sew

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kristin said…
oh my...these are just too, too sweet!
Rebecca said…
Lovely! I'll be thinking about your neice :)
Tricia said…
So glad baby is home now!! She's sure to love these cute MJs!!!!
Kathryn said…
Adorable x a million, I love little baby shoes!! :)
OMG, these are adorable!! Too cute!
I hope your great niece is doing alright now!