Happy Feet

After I made these slippers, the recipient ordered a pair for her grandmother.

The second time around went even better than the first and I find I really enjoy making these. Even better, my niece brings her pair with her and when she enters a home, taking off her shoes, she puts the slippers on. I would love to have a basket of them by my door. Some pretty new carpet would help as well. It seems 10 years of wear, young children, a dog and cat have done little to keep the white carpet that was in the house when we bought it, white.

With the slippers I included a sachet/shape holder that is stuffed with antibacterial bamboo stuffing and organic lavender flowers that smell delightful.

And put the happy little slippers in their own special flannel lined shoe bag.


Rebecca said…
What a great gift! And I love the fabric choices and your addition of the sachets. Clever!
Trish the Dish said…
I'm so excited to see what she thinks when I put these in her May Day basket!!! Love them, and the lavender is such a great little extra...I will probably be needing another pair soon... ;-)