Science Fair

Okay, I will be the first to admit....when it comes to science fair I am a bad mom. This year it is the twins turn at the science fair go around, I guess you could say I am bad mom squared. It is my 7th and 8th time doing this. It is odd for me to be this way- I am:

a. a pre-service teacher (enough said...sheesh)
b. I really like science (often heard...go ask your mom she is the science girl)
c. I enjoy doing things with my kids (and this is a good experience for them)

But science fair....well bugs me. Maybe it is the lack of instruction that I feel the kids get ( I don't really know it just seems that way). They panic, "what do I do, what goes on the board, we have to do this NOW."- I am admittedly a chronic procrastinator relying on the excuse notion that I work best under pressure, whereas the pleas of NOW send me running in the other direction for a place to hide.
Or maybe it is because my usual laissez faire personality goes on vacation and words such as, "that can't go there it looks unprofessional." -Really, it is a kids science fair it shouldn't look professional. Then my son gets that- oh no mom is getting upset, I better agree tone- in his little voice and i feel like well, the worst mother. So I made myself laugh and be patient and work with the boys on their boards and yes force them to turn off all distractions.I only heard the 'tone' once and quickly made a joke. And it is done, they are ready to be judged. Let's hope they get more then a participant ribbon but if they do...that's okay.


Kathryn said…
Ahhh science fairs. I remember not enjoying them as a student, so much pressure! I do remember all of the "volcanos" kids would create (with baking soda + vinegar for the explosing I think?), I never understood what kind of experiment that actually was.

Anyway, your kid's project looks great! I hope he's proud of it! :)
tasha said…
Hi Natasha,

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I have enjoyed reading yours, you are too funny! :) I am also a very very bad mom when it comes to Science Projects....I really hate them...I hated them when I was that age too so I think it's just not where I wanna go anymore!!

I loved your post on everything you did one the cookies and everything in between! I know what that's like....the cookies really do make it all okay! :)