Looks Like You Had Fun Today

So said my son when he walked in the door from school and eyed the cinnamony yumm-fest on the counter.
Since last Thursday I have been on Spring Break. Just me. At home. Alone. WOW.

To this afternoon I thought, yup, muffins. Consulting  this cookbook I devised my plan. I would make Ree's French Toast Muffins.

They came out this creamy unblemished color. So pretty, I was hesitant to proceed with the next step. But forge on- they say.

The next step was a bath of butter. I know it is wrong but I am of the 'I love butter and sugar' school and then add cinnamon and I was ready to jump in myself.
One bite of these tender sugary muffins had me convinced that I did, indeed have fun today. And you should have tasted my fingers (I know that would be weird) but if it wasn't and you had, you would have agreed that these are quite possible the best thing since...well you know the rest.


kristin said…
french toast muffin?? it sounds almost too good to be true. i'm glad you're enjoying yourself on your break...everyone should treat themselves!! xx
Kathryn said…
I love french toast and I love muffins. This recipe looks amazing, I can't wait to try it!
Tricia said…
Those. Look. Positively. Sinful. (Sinfully awesome, that is!)