Before and After

This chair came with our marriage. It was my husband's grandmother's and it has been in every place we have lived (it has been somewhere that is). Of late it has resided in our storage room taking up space, space that could be used to store other stuff.

Don't get me wrong, I love vintage as much as the next lover of all things used and loved. But this pattern did not go with any of my early American garage sale decor that I have in my house.
Now she wears this lovely black and white flowered frock. Home dec fabric that I purchased for another project.  Created cheater efficiency style. Simply a piece of fabric sewed up each side and an envelope enclosure at the end. I am thinking of painting the wood a shiny black. What do you think?


I love, love LOVE that new fabric! Well done. :)
LeeAnn said…
Gorgeous! Hello new chair! I would paint the chair white, but black would look equally stunning.
Tricia said…
I have a serious love affair with refinished chairs due to design*sponge. I think it would look stellar with black! I have two grotesque wicker rolly chairs in my office that I have tried to regurgitate on several times for the sole purpose of possible improving their hideousness. Perhaps we could project them sometime.
Tricia said…