Adventures in Book Making

And mess making...

I had a heck of a lot of fun this weekend with this girl, who also happens to be my niece. She graces us with her presence every so often and it is always a celebration.

This weekend we broke out the tools and scrap paper and created books. And a few laughs. And stayed up way too late.

We bound some some of them with Japanese binding and took some ideas from this great book.
It has detailed directions and a lot of recyling and reusing ideas.

The above book is made using 3 x 5 index divider cards and is ready for the hole punches.

Next time, more completed works.

The book below is sporting a cover from a recyclyed gift bag.

I had some discarded and very worn out books from Maurice Sendak.

Here one is re-sized as a cover to Tricia's inspiration book.