In the Garden

This year my flowers are putting on quite a showing of their
finest finery. So sassy in her silver pot.

I love the simplicity of these onion blooms, I wonder if they know how modern their lines are?
Yellow peppers just asking to be plucked.

And this is my squash- I love squash- I want an abundance of squash of various varieties- which I have. However everyyear they are under attack by the squash vine borer.
 A very destructive, unwanted and uninvited garden
pest. It kills my plants every year and I get maybe one or two zucchinis.

Not this year, last night I performed major surgery on my poor plants and
removed many of the ugly little worms. Hopefully with luck the plants will recover
and prosper. Fingers crossed.


AJ said…
The garden looks lovely! I can't wait to move from the intense heat of Arizona, so I can garden again.
I absolutely love the silver pot! My garden, even though neglected since we are moving in August (I am taking all my plants with me), is thriving this year.
Kathryn said…
I love your garden!! You're right, I don't think the onion blossoms know quite how modern and wonderful they are! I hope your squash rally soon! :)

Thanks for checking out my blog, I'm so glad that I found yours! :D