Camp quilt.....check

I started this quilt in July of 2007. Yikes.  I finally found a direction for the backing purchased the batting and put it all together yesterday. I pieced the back, basted the layers, quilted it on the horizontal lines...

....sewed my table cloth to the back, removed the table cloth, squared evened things up, sewed the binding on....

and finished hand stitching the binding at 2 a.m. It is a sickness- I could not stop.

I could not love this quilt more. I used a kona cotton for the binding in avocado.

There is only one print in the whole quilt it is on the back and happens to be geese in bonnets. I know. Odd. Other then that the back is flannel and brushed so soft.
A few facts::
This is the largest quilt I have quilted myself.
This is the first quilt I have ever made with a solid binding and all the same fabric.
The binding was inspired by this great quilt which also inspired this quilt.
I loved quilting this quilt.
Quilting with cats can be challenging.
Apparently a quilt layed out is done solely for the cat.
I purposely left the air a little cooler last night so I could justify sleeping under this quilt.
I slept like a baby.


blair said…
I love it!!! Doesn't that avocado cotton binding make you smile? Its like a surprise. I have always wanted to make a striped patchwork quilt, it works for anybody and anywhere. Enjoy it!
Love this :)! I am kinda jealous right now cause there is a little girl at my house waiting for her quilt to be finished and I have been kinda lazy. Inspiring!
Storybook Woods said…
I am not a big stripe and check girl but your quilt is just beautiful. I love it. Clarice
Valerie said…
Hi Natasha
i lost your blog link and maybe you change your url because i couldn't find it in any search... today i came across a link to rick rack & ribbons and cliked on it to see if it was you !
there I am !
and what a beautiful quilt this is !!!
I'm looking forward to following you again !
I shut my first (French) blog meanwhile and moved to blogspot this January...
I hope you're well xo
ps : my daughter still uses the lovely "Natasha"s bag :)
Eve said…
This is such a beautiful quilt. It does look very soft and comforting :D

The weather is getting cooler now, I'm sure it will be put to great use. I'm starting my very first quilt soon. I'm so nervous :D