1970's Hex

Some fantastic prints from the 60's and 70's
Thought I would share one of my on going projects. It is my portable project and goes with me everywhere in a small baggie.  Some years ago my mother-in-law gave me these hexagons already cut.  She had cut them out years earlier with her mother-in-law. At the time I was not at all sure I wanted to do this.  However, I hung on to them and a few months ago I realized what a perfect project they would be.  I have done a lot of quilting but never by hand. I want to make one entire quilt by hand and this is it.

So these will become, one day, a quilt completely made by my hand. I have no illusions on how long this will take, yet the process is meditative. I love the tiny stitches I am able to achieve through the English paper piecing method- the method I choose for these because I feel it is the most secure. To the left of the above box is a baggie that has a needle, thread, card stock templates and hexes to be basted. It all fits neatly in my bag and I can pull it out anywhere. Sometimes I take the whole block with me and work on that. It helps to have that along because people will ask you what you are working on and then look at you like you are nuts, which I am- so fine!


Allison said…
oh wow, this is going to be one gorgeous quilt. the history of the hexagons is so cool. i wish you many happy, meditative moments working on this project.
Kathryn said…
Goodness me, what an undertaking! It is going to look fabulous when you're finished! I think that's so awesome that the quilt will have a history with your mom too. :)