A lesson in value

 In October my niece, who also doubles as my God child, will be betrothed to her beau. I am most certain that she does not read this blog and if you happen to, LOOK AWAY until your nuptials. However this lovely niece of mine does read her and also happens to be sister of the bride, whom I am most certain can be trusted with my secret.


I was inspired, first by this, which led me to this - pure inspiration- and the tutorial that I have followed up to this point.  I have never done this type of quilt before and it required a little more patience of me so I did have to set aside my typical seat of your pants quilting style. The hardest part was deciding on what was light and what was dark. I must most certainly be, value blind or need value glasses because I had a heck of a time. Unless its darkness screamed at me (which at one point it did and I decided I need to go to bed when my fabric starts to talk to me). The next morning my blocks were quiet again. Thank goodness. Yet it it wasn't obvious I struggled with it's value.

This is a final gift -part of a wedding gift concept that I am working on and will discuss at a later date. The first pictures I took I realized that there was an issue with the pattern that I did not see just looking at it. In the photo it is much easier to spot where the blocks have gone a rye and where they are great. I need about 16 more blocks but I have been through my stash and do not want to duplicate anymore so I am at an impasse. Many of the fabrics I used were cut for the very first time.  I was not planning on buying anymore fabric until I burned through my overflowing collection. But ahem what to do.  Back to what I was saying about picture taking::: I used the picture taking technique when I made this quilt::

This is a pretty bad picture of it but I made it for my daughter's volleyball coach and each of the girls signed a block. The center is the center of this year's volleyball shirts that all the supporters wear and the girls themselves, it says..... peace love volleyball. Lilli was a senior this year and so this was her last high school season.

This is the back of the quilt and the back of the shirt is in the center. This quilt was my first foray into free motion quilting.

{sorry about the teeny pics they were hijacked from another site of mine}

Hopefully, the next time you see the value quilt it will be done or near done and won't have gone broke foolishly buying more fabric.

Edited to add: I guess I already blogged about the Volleyball quilt here- this is just how good my memory is- I had to be reminded by the little pictures that are automated after each post...sheesh.


Anonymous said…
It looks awesome!
Tricia said…
OOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo!!! Secret is safe!!! So beautiful, they'll love it!