In case you were wondering..........

How to Preserve a Husband

Be careful in your selection. Do not

choose too young. When once selected,

give your entire thoughts to preparation

for domestic use. Some insist in keeping

them in a pickle, others are constantly

getting them in hot H2o. This makes

them sour, hard to get along with

and sometimes bitter. Even poor


varieties may be made sweet,

tender & good by garnishing them with

patience, well sweetened with kisses

Wrap them in a mantle of charity.

Keep warm with a steady fire of

domestic devotion and serve with

preaches & cream. Thus prepared

they will keep for years.

I found this amidst a bramble of recipes in this

thrifted box.
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Oh, I love that! Hmmmm...that could really fit well into a toast (or even a roast) at a wedding...Hmmmmmm...
Sarah and Jack said…
Welll now, isn't that sweet? Funny to find it lurking in there.
Ravenhill said…
This is priceless! What a delightful find! Thank you so much for sharing!
Rebecca said…
So cute! I love when you find something cool like this amongst the thrifts :)
Becky said…
My daughter is getting married very soon; I am going to show her this.
I love the old aprons you found, too!