Okay, Fine, I am not the most regular blogger. It is true, but this time I swear it was not my fault. After my last post my hard drive on my laptop took a permanent vacation to the South Pacific- it is way warmer there- so it is hard for me to blame it.
Then when I had some breathing room- I lost my camera cord. I am not a, word only, blogger type person. Is that because my words cannot stand on their own? maybe. Or perhaps I just need a picture for inspiration. I do think it is the latter.

For posterity (I know it is February) I am going to post some of the things that I created as Christmas gifts. I need a record somewhere and this has become the best place. Bare with me and I promise to get on to other things soon.

Above is a craft apron for my sister inspired from this awesome tutorial.

This apron was for my niece it is the Emmeline by Sew Liberated I was really pleased with how it turned out! Front is above and backside below.

Finally for the same sweet niece is a little personalized kitchen set, towel and washcloth. Yup it has a monogram on it. She is my God Child after all and recently announced her engagement!!

Next is a camera strap cozy and two coffee cozies - just to keep things cozied up! These items were for my other wonderful niece who happens to be apron niece's sister. Great things came out of that family for sure. Oh Yeah she has a monogram too!!

(That bottle up in the far right is medicine- oh man did we all get sick! I was the last to go. At about 12:30 in the morning after tending to 2 of my 3 son's and my husband (Lilli and Nolan were already sick earlier in the week)- I thought 'oh. no. I am the last man standing'- 3 hours later- I was down! Blach.

Finally, and yes a little blurry, (I was deathly ill just hours after these were taken) a Gramma and granddaughter set for another sister of mine! Maybe I can get a better shot at a later time?
I also made a number of the coffee cozies so it was an apron-y cozy year!

I guess I had one more... This is a scarf I made for another niece out of recycled sweater cuffs! Cute huh. I may post how to make this sometime. That is it. For real. Have a lovely week!


Felicia said…
Beautiful creations! You're an awesome sewing talent. I think I spy a sewn cuff or two in the camera strap shot as well. I love the idea of the sweater cuff scarf. I may give that one a try. Are you in school this semester?
Wendy said…
Your projects are great! Ive got to get my sewing machine fixed!
Yay!!! I had a dream last night that someone copied my camera strap and I went after them with a sledgehammer. The night before that, I had a dream someone door-dinged my car....and I went after them with a sledgehammer. I think I have unresolved issues. ;-)

Love the cozy-use it ALL THE TIME!!!! Glad to see you're back!
Vintage Girl said…
LOVE all your projects, the aprons are so pretty! You've been busy. I hope you are all feeling better real soon. Hugs, Heather
Dee Light said…
I just love your creations. and I can totally relate to the nonconsistant blogger :)