High-waters no more

My pants were too short. Why? Of course it is because my legs are so so long. Or maybe it is that when my middle puts on a few extra holiday cookies- my pants seem to get shorter?
Anyway...I don't have a plethora of pants to choose from so being down a pair was not working. So I lengthened them. What do you think? Do they look silly or dated? You could say I up-cycled them. You could also say, judging by the above picture that I need a new ironing board cover! eek.


Allison said…
I love this upcycle! I think your pants look rejuvenated! I've been thinking about doing something similar with a pair of jeans--I walked on the bottoms and now they're that horrid raggedy fringe. Thanks for showing me a good example!
Yep, I would wear those for sure! :-)