::::Favorite Holiday Collection:::

After reading this post at Wisecraft, I had to share my favorite collection. They are tiny delightfully knitted mittens, socks, a sweater and a larger mitten. Four is enough to say it is a collection, right? They are hard to find, but I sure love them.

She will show you how to make your own miniature ornament. Make your own, why didn't I think of that? Especially after all the little outfits I made for these ladies. Oh well, I am excited to add to my collection of winter wearables eventually. I suppose that would fall under To Do. Ahem.
Blue and white cardigan for chilly nights.

One red mitten

Tonight I may get out my felt and started stitch'n!


I likes your new banner!!! And your little guys. Fun tree!
sewtakeahike said…
these are darling!! I have an office Christmas party tomorrow and we're having an ornament exchange. Thanks for the inspiration to just make my own instead of going out and purchasing something! (although I'm pretty sure I won't knit one since I get knitting constipated if someone isn't there to hold my hand through it!)
kristin said…
how sweet are these...but then i love everything that is small scale. have a merry christmas!
Felicia said…
Oh, those mini mittens are sweet as cake! :)