I am a parent. I am a parent of a senior in High School. When my youngest children (twins) turned 7, they endered mid-childhood and I realized I had crossed over from young mother with young children to an older, ermm wiser, mother of older children. This signified the ending of a season of my life and not without mourning. Now my eldest will graduate this year.

Having a high school senior is like reading the end of a long beloved book. Things finish, they conclude constantly. There is the next book to look forward to yet you have to let go of the one you have gotten to know so well.

Volleyball has been in our lives for a very long time. Lilli has worked and sweated and cried over her losses and her gains. She like so many other girls work and work for their senior season. This is the season that they shine. All their learning and strength and maturity intertwines in this year. They emerge strong and talented. My Lilli is no exception. She shined, she sparkled and she played like a champion.

Her coach was a big part of that growth. So to thank her for all she had done for Lilli and the team I made her a quilt.

This is the first quilt that I have ever quilted myself and I even did a little free form. We had all the senior players sign a block and presented the quilt to her on awards night. The center block and the block on the back are from their team t-shirts. All the parents and fans of the players also had these shirts to wear to games.

The ending of this particular season was sad, or maybe I should say bitter-sweet. Not only was it the last high school volleyball season, it signifies the ending of another season of both our lives. Endings that have to occur to open the way for the new seasons to begin.
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Felicia said…
That's a wonderful gift to mark this crossroads. I'm sure her coach will love and appreciate it :)
It's been 9 years (what?!?!) and I still remember my last vball game. Best memories ever, I'm so happy Lilli got to be a part of something like that. Beautiful quilt, I'm sure her coach will cherish it for years to come. Great idea!
Just wanted to tell you what an inspiration your blog is to me! Thanks for sharing.....
Mary Lou Weidman