sewing room
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My time for blogging is very limited. My time in general is very taxed. My ability to manage said time is poor at best. This fall I took two classes instead of one. Since these classes are condensed it is like having a full load for a normal college student. I also have my job, which oddly enough demands that I be there every day. Then I have my family who needs to be fed, and have their clothes laundered not to mention a bit of my precious commodity of time to enjoy, nurture, defuse them.

Me I need a creative fix; I am jonessssss-en for it. I crave it, require it along with my daily vitamins and the occasional chocolate bar (ha, I said occasional). So I lurk. I am a lurker. Lurkey lurkey loo, that is what I do. That side bar over there with the many great blogs, along with the ones that I have in my search bar- I get a fix from them. It is a band-aid to my bleeding creative side. Time to create is the medicine but right now, the time cost is too expensive. So, I live that part of me vicariously through the creativity of others. In the mean time I pop in here now and again, until summer that is, or until the demands of my time recede.

I just want to say thanks for that! To all of you incredibly creative people whom I have never met but truely admire!


linda t said…
Oh Natasha, I've missed you!! So good to reconnect again.
I went WILD over your sewing room slideshow!!
Oh my gosh, the knife rack, lamp shade and the button tacks could not be any cuter!
You are so clever and talented!