Dear Fall,

Dear Fall

You are so funny, you fall you! You blow in here early with your wild winds and sheets of rain.
You’ve cooled things down to a crisp briskness. You think you are fool’n us to think that summer is waning. But I got your number and I am not going to succumb. Silly fall, who do you think you are pushing your way in when summer is still working its lovely magic. Summer is not ready to give up, I know she isn’t, she is still working on her garden- reddening the tomatoes, greening the peppers, and encouraging the squash. So do not think that for one minute we are going to fall for your fall like ways, no sir, not this time; so pack up your cooler temperatures, your harsh winds and your sniveling rains, so summer can finish in peace.

Thank you

The summer lover


Dee Light said…
Just wonderful.
Allison said…
Natasha--I hope summer decides to come back your way! Thanks for stopping by field wonderful and definitely let me know if you end up making peach sorbet. I hope you like it!

Oh, and thanks for the SewMamaSew recommendation. I just discovered their tutorials and love them. There are so many things I want to make now!