(Lilli had nothing to do with the capture of the following creatures and no creatures were harmed in the pursuit of emulating the discovery channel.)
Things brought into my house over the course of two days::

Day 1

Enter baby bunny gently caught, admired, petted, and released. Hands washed.

Day 2

Things went progressivly



-Enter bird again gently caught - I don't know how, but it is true- and released. More hand washing.
-Then came the grey colored tree frog leaping out of hands and across the floor.
-And last....this is were I had to draw the line...seriously, what do these boys think this is, a zoo? Okay don't answer that. They presented me with a snake. Great. Deep breath. A couple of WOW's and with as much control as I could muster, a Please take that back out to its rightful habitat because that is were it belongs, As do all the other creatures outside so let's leave them there!!! And again wash your hands.

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Kirimi said…
Haha, I love that the animal of choice got progressively less cute. The only thing I ever have to deal with is the occasional stray cat being invited into our house, I'm not sure if I would be able to remain calm if a snake found it's way inside! :-)