What a Guy

My sweet 12 year old has been gone for 12 days fishing with our neighbors (surrogate grandparents). He brought everyone home a gift and the above was for me. How sweet and how truly well he knows his mother!!! Now I just have to figure out what to use the little pot for? Any Ideas?

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t. little said…
Um...score!! :-)

And hello from the Pacific Northwest!!!
Vintage Girl said…
What a sweetheart, great finds! I love the colour of the handle on the pot. I found a few of these at a thrift store a month or so ago with red handles. I have flowers in them on my back patio, I just turned the handle to the side so no one knocks it over. My cousin uses a few of hers for "craft" buckets to take from room to room or from inside to out. With the handle it's easy to carry. She fills it with crayons, markers, rolled up paper, stamps and ink etc. Enjoy your goodies! Heather