Road Trip

Early...oh so early Monday morning my sister and I hit the pavement for the American Quilters Society Show in Knoxville TN. It was a very long day of driving. 19 hours long. We will stay the night in Nashville. I love Nashville and TN as a whole, such a gorgeous state. Then we headed for Knoxville.

I needed a new bag for the trip. Something to hold all my gear in the van and to tote around at the show....just in case... I find a lovely piece of fabric I need to have. Yes I said need...what?

When I was a junior in High School I bought a messenger bag by Esprit. Remember them? I loved anything Esprit. Last fall the strap broke, mind you I have had and used the bag for 20+ years. Mostly for travel and for school. I was so sad. I loved that bag for these types of trips. I would forgo a purse and put everything in the bag, including a book to read and my water with plenty of room for small purchases.

I had to make a new one. Ahem. That means a pattern, of which we (the pattern and I, that is) have a long history of a love/hate relationship. Mostly it is the cutting out of the pieces, it seems that every time I unfold the thing I am under some sort of physical tissue paper assault.

Look on the strap....See that buckle? You may have seen it in Time magazine, that is if you read it in 1942 because that is when it was featured. It is a 'self-covering' buckle and can you believe the sticky still worked like a charm?

We now have two days of the show under our belts. We have been doing a demo of a this really great ruler for making bias binding. It is fantastic. I am not quite Vince Shlomi but I am getting close!! Have a happy Friday!


love it. I, too, had an Esprit bag (which I very fondly referred to as my ES-PRIT bag. I was so cultured.). Anywho, bummer about the broken strap, but kudos on the sweet new tote.

Hope the trip is going well, hello to the ladies for me!!!
Vintage Girl said…
I hope you and your sister had a great time! Did you get many treasures? You did an awesome job on your new bag, love the pockets and buckle. Enjoy! Heather