Last Weekends Festivities Posted a Week Later

We had a blast last weekend at the lake. The food was fantastic. The show of fireworks was unbelievable- apparently if you live or weekend on my mother's lake (well it's not hers technically, but she lives there) it is imperative that you try to out do your neighbors with your fireworks display. This is great for those of visiting although you may experience whiplash from trying to look all over the place and right in front of you at the same time. The fireworks incidentally, lasted about an hour and a half between our own and everyone else's!!

There were also games to play, such as Egyptian Rat slap a game that should not be played while anyone is trying to sleep within a 5 mile radius! The laughter is too fantastic.

And of course more creatures brought to me for inspection. How cute are these little guys. We also found a plethora of tadpoles and poly wogs.

In light of yesterdays post, I thought I would also share today's discovery of all things gross smuggled into my house by my own little naturalist. I was cleaning the downstairs and noticed an inordinate number of fruit flies, this is odd because not food is allowed in the lower level. (she laughs to herself) I investigate the boys bathroom further- yes my first mistake- boys, I have found are HORRIBLE about their bathroom!! Low and behold the sink held a huge- dead- stinky- (colossally stinky) fresh water clam! smuggled home from our weekend at the lake! Said child was explicitly told to return the large clam back to it's habitat to live its life and make pearls or beads or whatever- but do not bring that home! It came home anyway. A zoo I tell you. A zoo.
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Kirimi said…
Ahahahahaha...haha. That completely cracks me up. I would have loved to see your expression when you found your little hideaway :-)

PS- Love the fireworks pic, very cool.
t. little said…
I love Ash's stare-he was so determined to be quicker than Mike and his hands of steel. Haha...good stuff!

I am also so happy to see you have come back to us in the Blogging world. The updates make my day!