What's all the Goo about?

This is my laundry soap which, at first glance may appear to be just another science experiment but in reality is a money saving, Eco, bit of wonderful. My first experience with the this particular type of slop was when the twins were mere babes. Why I went back to commercial is beyond me. Do you want the know how-to know how to make your own? Well, I will share but there is a gazillion recipes and variations on the great World Wide Web.

Here is the one I use:

But before we get into that lets have a frank discussion about soap...K.... The first time I made my own soap I used good old Ivory bar soap. It was fine and I liked it. This time I used Fels Naptha (can be purchased here) it is harder to find but I LOVE it. It works well and smells great plus the 1/4 part of the bar you don't use it a great pre-treater.

I also read that you you could save up your shower bar soap bits and use those..Good idea too!

All you need to be on your way to your own batch is:

1 Cup Borax, 1 Cup Washing Soda and a bar of soap of your choice!

The recipe or the method:

Take 4 cups of water and bring it to an almost boil or a nice simmer, meanwhile (back at the Hall of Justice) grate 3/4 bar of soap into your pot-o-water and melt it. I use a whisk to help this happen faster.

In a rather large container or bucket pour 1 cup each of Borax and Washing Soda (not to be confused with baking soda)

Once you have melted your soap :::add it to your borax/Washing soda mixture, stir until dissolved. Then you may add two gallons of water. I use warm right smack out of the tap. Stir stir stir and stir again. Walk away. Ignore for a while then stir again.

You want to give it a quick twirl often as it cools and it will congeal better. Be forewarned though it is nowhere near as pretty as the packaged soap but the container can be used again and again and again and you will not be adding anymore ginormous plastic bottles to the landfill. There you have it!

Let me know if you try it or have tried a different recipe.


t. little said…
Interesting concept...reminds me of Uncle Bill...Have to try that out some time this summer!
Katie Jean said…
I've been really wanting to make my own soap for the longest time, but I just never get around to it. maybe some day soon ;)
Felicia said…
Wow, I've never thought of making my own soap. How is it better/different than store bought soap? Tell me more! :)
Anonymous said…
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