a wall

When we bought our house a few moons ago and the dinette wall had this ugly camper paneling on it. I hated the stuff, loothed it really. So as any intelligent person would do, one night in a wine induced moment of stupidity, the husband and I decided to just take it off. Yup we stripped it all off- the paneling that is..... Ohhhh we were so wise, so smart...we will just paint the wall and it will all look great. Easy peasy. You know where this is going huh...

People put paneling up for a reason. A quick cosmetic fix for an ugly situation. A situation like drywall that has not been taped and mudded and of course a huge gap in the drywall that ranges in size from an inch to two or three inches, did I mention that the walls were uneven on either side of the gap?

In the first picture - best i could do - you can see the ugliness to the right of the quilt. I plastered it with the kids artwork for a long time. We just were not sure how to fix it. Then came my stroke of genius. I hung a huge piece of fabric from the wall top to bottom- or as you can see in the second picture.

But now.......It is all grown up with paintable wallpaper- purchased for pennies at a yard sale- and wainscoting. It is beautiful!!

I don't think I shared here that in January my husband was layed off from his job. For all practical purposes that sucks. However, our house has never seen more projects finished, nor have I had more oatmeal choco chip cookies, warm from the oven after I get home from work!!

A little irony before I go.... Tomorrow is spring break for our school....we were released at 10:30 this morning because of a major snow storm that is pelting our area!!!
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Felicia said…
Holy cats! I adore that wall. I want that wall. I've been coveting wallpaper like that for the longest time but its way too expensive. Good for you for spotting a bargain and scooping it up. Can't wait to see what colors you paint it.

What a wonderful husband to carryout so many home improvement projects AND bake cookies. Mine finishes the occasional project and bakes pies!

Sarah and Jack said…
Sorry to hear about the job suckiness. :-(
t. little said…
Britani and I are loving the wall!!! It will be the perfect backdrop for miscellaneous pyramids...of miscellaneous objects...Seriously, good work!!