For Tricia

Perhaps it is the -17 below windchill or the 4 inches of snow yesterday that was eventually hurled about as nature played with 40- 60 mph winds. But today I need some spring, spring in my step, spring in my mind and spring in my bath. The above flowers were drawn by me-errr my child- okay no, I was the artist. Created with the most amazing fabric oil pastels, given to me by my fabulous and talented niece as part of "a few of my favorite things" Christmas gift- complete with "a brown paper package tied up with string"!

They are wonderful and I fully intend to play with them more! I have used fabric crayons with the kids but these are so vibrant, so creamy and so colorful. As a child I loved oil pastels- they were such a treat because they were rare and expensive. I had the same set for years I used them only occasionally mostly because I can't draw and did not feel worthy of their promise.

I also made this happy little set which hangs in the west wing of our home in a guest bathroom. That was fun to type- considering we don't have a west wing or a guest bathroom for that matter but if I did I would hang them there!!

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