A little After and A little Before

It is done... the holiday 'take down' is down and done. Ahem it went too fast. The holidays, not the 'take down'. Not only are the holidays over but my- two week blissful vacation -from both work and school is almost over as well. I cannot express how lovely it has been without the pressure of college homework! Okay-Enough of that!

The picture is of one of those cheapo cupboards that you assemble yourself from Target- They stay white for about, oh two seconds in this house. Actually, this one has been around for a few years and as you can see in the 'before' :::below::: it was pretty marred. I decoupaged it with scrapbook paper and find that it looks pretty snazzy. Don't you agree?

In other craziness it took me about 7 hours to put away the holiday decor. WHAT? 7 hours you say. Yes. Seven. You see when you decide this is the year to label each box, with it's contents (oh you always do that? hmmm. okay.) I don't ......but do now.
Then you decide to take down the accumulations of collectibles above the cabinets which have grown a skin of grime and clean them. Well if you clean that grime you need to wash the walls and if you wash those walls you need to dust the living room. If you decide to dust the living room you need to de-clutter and rearrange. See where I am going with this?
Yeah 7 Hours.
Oh my dogs are barking but man is this place clean!
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Donna said…
Ha, I've remarked before on why does starting to clean your house only serve to show you how dirty it really is, leading to a far bigger task than you ever planned on embarking upon?
Sarah and Jack said…
That cabinet looks much better.

It took me 7 hours to just to get all the ornaments off the big tree and safely put away. Oy, what a job.
sooo cute I love it!! Happy new year! I hope you have a really wonderful day!! hugs!! Britt :-)
heather Jane said…
Hi Natasha! Thanks for stopping by Living Senses and leaving a comment! That was a fun surprise this morning.

I'm making my 7 hour list right now...gotta get this place cleaned up. I love your cabinet idea. I always want to buy scrapbook paper, but I don't know what else to do with it. I'll have to look around for some blank surfaces...

Happy New 2009...
Love the cupboard make over! Makes a huge difference.
Anina said…
Over here I'm still procrastinating on the big Christmas-pack-away. It's c-c-c-o-d in the garage.
Your cupboard idea is splendid!