Now that the days and days of sewing are behind me and the days of eating are on my behind, I can share with you some of the fruits my labor! Thanks for your ideas, they were great, I really wanted to make a CD holder as Sarah suggested but ran out of time. ( I ended up decorating a dollar store one with glow in the dark paint.)
I made this really quick, for my tactile boy who happens to love monsters and incidentally wanted a scarf.

Below is a pencil roll I made for Mr. Tactile who also happens to be the resident artist. He was thrilled and I was pretty giddy with how it turned out.

Lilli received this bag and the smaller bag below. I also included a eye mask for sleeping.

This little bag turned out better then I expected considering it was my FIRST, yes FIRST zipper, ahhh one fear conquered.

Notice the Zippy Zipper.....yup I did that....yup yup

These pretty little bags sitting prettily on such a ucky ironing board cover were for my sisters, inside each is a lavender rice pillow, lavender bath teas and sleepy eye masks.
They were a hit (I think) and smelled divine- love lavender and got a good deal on it on eBay.
Below is the best. This little bag was for my niece Chloe made from an accidentally felted sweater but in true lemon to lemon-aid fashion I have made several great things from it. But that is not what makes it the best.........
The best is this sweet face that dramatically swung the bag behind her and gave an adamant NO every time anyone tried to look at it..... Oh be still my heart she likes it she really likes it!!!

Coming soon.... the amazing gifts made for me.


Jillian said…
Omigosh! All of your creations are fantastic! How cool are you?????

Good work! You deserve to take a break and eat those treats!

linda t said…
The sweetest pics... especially the darling little girl with the precious felted bag! Cutest ever!
Great job!
Sasparilla Sue said…
Ya know, that's what I was going to give a friend of mine (the pencil roll), that is until my sister loaned out our sewing machine back in Novemeber (and we still haven't gotten it back). I haven't done any zippers yet either...good job on your first! It looks great! All of it looks great! Happy New Year!