Phew. The last week has been a blur with busy-ness. My last class was demanding of both my time and intellect. A challenge on both levels. Last week I had to do a paper on an analytical study of Hebrew poetry. Very interesting, intricate, beautiful but wowza a lot of work. Okay so I got that done and did well, thankfully.

Then my lovely Lilliana turned 16 on Saturday-oh my- we went to our family's in the late afternoon to celebrate and spent the next night. On Sunday we were having a five year memorial for my father. I got sick that morning and never made it out of my niece's bed till we drove the two hour trek home. At which time I went to bed for the rest of the evening. Okay that was rough but to make matters worse I had a 5 page paper due on Monday and an 8 minute oral presentation, both of which I had planned to do Sunday afternoon. ( are you bored yet?)

Okay to make a long story short, I worked on Monday came home a spit out the paper and the presentation, drove the hour to school and lalalala, all done with that bugger of a class. PHEW what a week.

The picture is after a storm that came through, I would just love to climb into that pillowy goodness and rest.
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SierraMoon said…
that sky is very impressive !

sorry I wouldn't trade with you as for the Hebrew poetry !
and you have fully recovered... Ihave quite a few health pbs , as well, at the moment... not a good karma I guess ! BUT tomorrow is another day...

joyeux anniversaire Liliana !
SierraMoon said…
I meant :
and I hope you have fully recovered by now...
I can't type properly, it's bed-time here ;p
t. little said…
Boo! I'm glad you're feeling better! You slightly resembled what I imagine death to look like...Sad. Hope to see you soon!!!
SierraMoon said…
wow !
you seem reaaaaaaaally busy !

I hope you're all well