What is all that quiet about?

No really- it is really quiet around here. My house that is!! Why you are wondering? Last Thursday I sent my babies- okay I know they are 8 yrs old- with our neighbors. They are an older couple who over the years have taken a likin' to our kids. I guess it started when Nolan and age 2 went over to their house, knocked on the door and asked " can Mark come out and play?." Keep in mind that Mark in well into his 50's. They are kindred for sure.

So fast forward- they are up at Lake of the Woods in a cabin that, and I quote "is HUGE" fishing and swimming and making new friends without me. Sigh, I can tell you that as crazy noisy this house gets, letting them go was not easy. A little hard on a mama's heart!!

That left Troy and I and Lilli and Everett- we all headed down to the reunion- where we had a great time. I am still heavy with nostalgic after effects. Lilli then decided to go and stay with my niece, who is 22 and way too much fun. So that left the three of us to come home to a really quiet house. Then on Tuesday my other niece came and took Ev away to her house.

That leaves two-Troy and I- I don't suppose anyone would come and get him for the week so I could really..... NAaaaaw I am just kiddin.....(Anyone) hehe

In the interim I have been a busy little girl cleaning away. Troy is planning on painting the house and I cannot for the life of me figure my way out of that. Especially without any children here, but I am working on it.


Elizabeth said…
I found your blog through Ruby Crowned Kinglet,and read an old post on your blog about getting a Marie Claire Idees from Valerie. Isn't she nice!