Quickie Curtains

I love having a window to the backyard above our kitchen sink to gaze out of while doing dishes. I have spent a lot of time watching play and work happen out this window. Both from our fine feathered, canine and of our little rabbit family that tries to sneak into the garden under the fence and from the kids play, work and build. What I don't love is the heat and intensity of the afternoon sun that blinds one while washing. (on a side note: when the kids do the dishes they may be doing it blind when you see the sometimes unsightly results of their labor). For a while I had a pretty apron hanging there but I was afraid that it would become faded. So I made these.

They were really easy::: Simply four place mats that matched my other kitchen curtain...
I sewed three pieces of ribbon to the top and bottom of the top ones and three pieces to the top of the lower ones.
Then tied them to the rod...So easy. They can be untied for cleaning.

Now I thought myself pretty darn clever that is until I told my neighbor all about my ingenuity to which she replied..."Oh that is so cute I just saw that in a magazine" Ahem, what is that saying a little late and a dime short or something.

Have a great week~


Jillian said…
LOL! I guess you mean a day late and a dollar short. Just think, you came up with what they PAY designers to produce in those magazines. . . I'd be proud!

Found your blog via "Vacumming in High Heels and Pearls"

Hobocamp Crafts said…
super cute! I always wish for a window over the sink- whenever we buy a house I won't settle till we find one!
Kristy said…
I love that fabric and the way the light shines through.
Jane said…
Love this idea! I have similar placemats. So cheery!