Happy Independence Day!!

I did not put out any decorations this year for the Fourth, but I thought this guy, created by Ash, was jolly enough to wish everyone a happy 4th of July! May your sparklers sparkle brighter and your festivities go off with a bang.

The long weekend brings:

:::House painting
:::Homework finishing (or blog surfing to avoid homework blech)
:::Some small celebrating just the two of us
:::Purging or erm Cleaning the boy's rooms while they are away (do we really need 15 rocks and various sticks under our bed?)
:::Curtains made? if time allows, for their rooms
:::Saturday the twins return
:::Sunday to my mothers to retrieve Lilliana

Have a safe and happy weekend!!

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Karol said…
Cute and fun blog!!! Do you live in So. Oregon? (Notice you mention Lake of the Woods).. we're from Medford but now live in Portland.. Karol
sewhipbaby said…
Hi! Found my way here from you comment yesterday! Thanks for you're input, I really didn't think that my blog had ever been viewed by anyone since November so I haven't really done much to it! That's motivation to stop slacking!
I noticed the mention of an Ash in this post, is it short for anything? My son's name is Asher, just curious!
Hi Natasha, So happy to have you visit. That's a cute little drawing your posted. Sure sounds like you have a busy, busy weekend coming up. Enjoy it too and Happy 4th. ~ Smiles ~ Lynn
SierraMoon said…
Of course we don't celebrate independence over here, but I think of all my US friends and blog fellows...
have a great weekend
Hope you and your family had a great 4th!! Have a wonderful day!! xoxo Britt :-)
Anonymous said…
What a cute little jolly fellow!~~Thanks for sharing such an adorable drawing!~~XXOO, Beth