Garage Sale Weekend-And a new blog

Today is garage sale day, what a lot of work on top of all the other work in a day. Oh well I do love having them for nothing else then chatting with others. There always seems to be a couple of good laughs involved as well. I wish that you all (you know who you are) could come. I know that you would find something you would like. I wonder if a person could have a virtual garage sale? Oh yeah...ebay...duh!!

Now the picture, that lovely photographer is my uber talented and incredibly wise niece, she has also acted as my editor for school papers and such. (I just like to say I have an editor) When I first started college she kindly pointed out that you only use one space between sentences and that the word -that- should not be in every sentence I type. She took these incredible pictures. She has started a blog chronicling her photography endeavors-pop in and say hi..

Have a happy weekend!!!~N
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Sarah and Jack said…
I hope you make lots of extra dough at the sale!