Country Dreaming

The boys and I ventured into town yesterday, I say ventured because we actually live –in a town, a really small one grocery, one hardware store town- the bigger town is 25 minutes away-ergo it is a venture or adventure when you go with three chatty, curious boys….did I say chatty because I really mean non-stop chatty!

Anyhoo- we went and picked up a few groceries and I meandered over to the magazine section. I have a problem. I am an addict. It goes way back to when I was in my teens and discovered Seventeen and Young Miss. Then to feed my obsession with New York I subscribed to the New Yorker. Which was a little beyond my years but I loved it anyway, even if I did not understand all the political underlying. Okay back to present, I have tried to cut down my purchasing of magazines that is until yesterday and somehow rationalized a small splurge. I had taken three wily boys into the big town you know. So, I picked up a Sew Simple and then… oh yes then my eye caught this little gem.

Okay truth be told if I ever actually did one of the tags that I was tagged for of 7 weird things (sorry ladies who tagged me I just am really bad at pressure blogging) one of those things would be this…. I always wanted to grow up and marry a farmer. I did not. I still wish he was. He is not and will not ever be…. I love him anyway.

It is my hearts desire to live in the country on a plot of land and raise the roof… raise a few chickens and grow lots and lots of yummy foods.

Seriously this is a picture of a chicken coop- Now I just might want to be a one of Mary Jane's chickens when I grow up so I can roost here. This coop is cuter then any room in my entire house....How fair is that?

I had heard of her books before and even have her Stitching Room book on my Amazon wish list. Oh but this is a great issue, lovely it even includes a pattern for bloomers. If any of you who read here now, read here then you would know that I had a desire to make these some time ago and still have the fabric waiting. I think the time has come don’t you!!!

Now if I actually had that plot of land you better believe I

would be hanging all my pretty undergarments out in the trees.

The patterns are in the mag bloomers and camisoles too- some are made from vintage pillow cases!!!


linda t said…
Oh man, gotta get out and get me that magazine!!
You're not only an addict... but you're a pusher !! HA!
Hey, from one addict to another... we deserve an occasional magazine fix!
Thanks for the recommendation girlfriend!