We be Jammin

I am not sure what says summer better then a hot a steamy kitchen bubbling with the scents of strawberry rhubarb jam. Jars filled with warm sweet goodness dance in the soft boiling water of the canner. I love the popping sounds the lids drum out when the jars are placed on the counter.

The littlest jar above was filled and eaten warm three times over before my helpers had their fill.
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linda t said…
Oh I miss my Mom's jars of jams.
I miss my Mom's rhubarb patch.

I miss my Mom's strawberry-rhubarb pies!

Thanks for the memories Natasha!
Felicia said…
They look delicious! One of these days I'm going to learn how to my canned jams.

When I was growing up in Florida every summer we'd go out and upick gobs and gobs of strawberries. One in the mouth and one in the box. Repeat :)

I was the official huller (removing the stems) and mom would make them into awesome jam. If the jam didn't setup and turned out a little running we'd call it syrup and have it over pancakes! :)
Heidi said…
Oh my goodness, just the photos have me salivating! I LOVE rhubarb and my plant in the garden is finally growing! Maybe next year I'll have enough to make some yummy jam like you did.