Making :: Finding

Gifts for little friends:: and their frequent trips to the library:: Easy totes to tote their goods::

Above (as I am sure you guessed) was a pillow case in a former life. Add to that left overs from a quilt-that is sitting waiting paiently to be quilted and some frill from this find.

This is for him made from left overs from other projects. Love that cowboy fabric!

Found the little lovely below in a Free box at the sales from the weekend. It was stained and stinky:: I was not afraid:: Now soaked, washed and hung for that outside heaven sent -scent::it is perfect (well almost).

Have a happy Wednesday!!


Sarah and Jack said…
free??? Score!!!!!
Leigh Ann said…
Total score! What is that saying about another man's trash? So true.

Glad to see you back!

Wendy said…
Those bags are too cute! Thanks for visiting my blog!
linda t said…
Wow! Free chenille???!!!

And I love your tote bags! I collect those yummy, soft vintage pillow cases and now must make me a tote bag like yours!

Thanks for the inspiration!
What a great find!!! Love when that happens!!!