Community Wide

I love this embroidered tablecloth I want to live in that cottage-behind are 2 feed sacks

Ahh the community wide garage sales were this past weekend. In a town such as I live in where time is different, slower, calmer, I sometimes feel as though I am in the midst of a Norman Rockwell painting. The garage sales this weekend were no exception, we rode around town on our bikes checking out the sales. Sometimes ducking back home to drop off bags so that I did not look like a complete vagrant, greeting others who did the town on foot. Here sales are as they should be- filled with treasures, idle chit-chat and lots of lemonade.

I found this table cloth- oh I love it- and it is signed- I don't have a clue if that means anything but I thought it was cool. The price was right .25!

These are little Valentines that I think I will frame they remind me of the Campbell's kids.

I've a notion to get me some notions - like I need more- but I couldn't resist they are Miss America Pearls for crying out loud.

The little jar below was a milk sampler and a freebee then the buttons-I don't which I liked better the buttons or the jar they came in.

That zipper is the smallest I have ever seen- I wish there would have been more then one that size- it is really cute- that is if a person can find cuteness in a zipper-

I have never collected thimbles but I guess I do now they were a dollar each and so cute.

This is my favorite find, we needed a couch in our family room, we have been looking for over a year- and I found this- I had to do some convincing with my Husband-he finally consented it is all metal and folds out into a bed. I am not much for the ivy but will eventually recover it. I have visions of it sitting on my wrap around porch one day- when I live in that cottage above and we add on a wrap around porch that is. We paid $15 for it a bargain I think.


Sarah and Jack said…
Lucky you! A lot of good things there.

You can probably google Luther Travis for the tablecloth stuff, I think I have something somewhere in my brain about him, but I can't currently retrieve it. LOL
Heidi said…
Great finds! I love the Valentines of course, and that round globe jar is really neat! It reminds me of a snowglobe. :)