Best .25 I ever spent!

While out and about on our weekend scavenging I came across this book. First the colors on the cover caught my eye. Well for.25 I thought I would take it home. Boy am I glad I did if I hadn't I would never know:

The many, many shapes of fashion! Or:

How to get this great book...Without it I am not sure I will ever know "what men find most attractive in women" or:

How to get this great pattern with peek-a-boo arm holes!! Besides I need to know:
How to travel light plus I can play - find the combinations game!!
More importantly I don't want to feel like:
This - chained to my machine-sweating for my wardrobe- I want to feel like:
This -all dreamy scheme-y about my beautiful new wardrobe!!! Yup best .25 I ever spent!! Now I am off to pluck some super high arches in my eyebrows.


SierraMoon said…
so nice you're back :)
oh these vintage illustrations are really cute & plenty of good advice ! I love the A line (middle) dress featured on the top pic !
I recently purchased some old 70ies sewing patterns on ebay... not received them yet, but I bet it's going to be fun to sew from a few of them ! ;)
thimbleina said…
Great sewing book